Ebenezer | 15+

Apple Cider Old Fashioned. Bourbon, spiced apple cider syrup, cinnamon and black walnut bitters, angostura.

We recommend Woodford Double Oaked +10


My Best to Bob Cratchit | 10+

Bourbon, spiced simple syrup, lemon juice, cinnamon stick, topped with piping hot water. This is definitely not your grandpa’s hot toddy. 

We recommend Elijah Craig Small Batch +6


Kate McCalister | 14

KEVIN! Aperol, prosecco, pomegranate juice, rosemary, orange. Topped with grapefruit soda.


Danny F. N. Kaye | 14+

Vodka, muddled cranberries, rosemary, lime, house-made cranberry-rosemary syrup. Served in a copper mule.

We recommend Grey Goose +7


Hans Gruber | 16+

Your choice of Tequila or Gin, cointreau, lime, angostura, orange. Smoked with pear wood.

We recommend Casamigos Tequila +9 or Hendrick’s Gin +5

Dinner Menu

For The Table

Baked Brie | 15

Brown butter pecans, rosemary, blackberry, honey, grilled bread


Bourbon Glazed Brussel Sprouts | 13

Fried Brussels, finished with crispy bacon, smoked Gouda


Pimento Cheese Fondue | 13

Pepper relish, scallion, grilled bread



Southern Wedge* | 10

Iceberg, marinated tomato, bacon, scallion, blue cheese dressing, country caviar


Dark Spore Mushroom Risotto* | 13

Butter roasted mushrooms, grilled scallion, mushroom brodo, parmesan reggiano 


Brisket Pappardelle | 15

Housemade pasta, brisket ragu, roasted tomato, red wine, parmesan reggiano


Pan Seared Scallops* | 21

(2) U-10 scallops, seared polenta, soubise, herb oil



Coq au Vin* | 25

Seared chicken breast braised in red wine and mushrooms, bacon, onion, pomme puree, fresh herbs


Shrimp & Grits* | 27

bacon braised peppers & onions, scallion, crispy bacon, jimmy red grits, smoked tomato brodo


Meatloaf Wellington | 24

Puff pastry, duxelle, charred peppers and onions, mashed potato, marinated and grilled broccoli, pepper relish, peppercorn cream


Fried Pork Chop | 26

Coriander crusted, collard green and red onion slaw, cilantro lime crema, bacon confit onion, coriander oil


 Halibut* | 30

Seared and braised in tomato and white wine, risotto, parmesan, prosciutto  


7oz. Pan Roasted Striploin* | 25 


Filet Mignon* | 6oz.  36 /  8oz. 45 / 10oz. 52


Ribeye* | 10oz. 32 / 12oz. 38 / 14oz. 43 / 16oz. 48


Add 2 scallops to any steak +18

All steaks served with  shallot and black pepper beef jus


**Consuming raw or undercooked beef could result in foodborne illness.



Mashed Potatoes* | 5

Rosemary, butter


Herb Roasted Fingerlings* | 5

Butter, woody herbs, caramelized onions


Smoky Braised Collard Greens* | 5

Tomato, cajun spices


Roasted Mushroom Risotto* | 7

White wine, woody herbs, parmesan reggiano


Jimmy Red Corn Grits* | 7

Smoked tomato brodo, parsley



Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding | 8

House-made marshmallow fluff, caramel, vanilla ice cream


Crème brûlée* | 7

Orange, rosemary, burnt sugar


Flourless Chocolate Cake* | 7

Rosé crème anglaise, strawberries, powdered sugar


Beverages | 2.59

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Sweet & Unsweet Tea

*Items indicated are either gluten free or easily altered to be gluten free.


(automated 20% gratuity for parties of 10+)


Brunch Menu


Cajun Shrimp* | 14

Sautéed shrimp, peppers and onions, gouda, arugula, breakfast potatoes, buttered toast

Green Eggs & Ham* | 12

Ham, caramelized onion, gouda, soft herbs, breakfast potatoes, buttered toast

Creamy Mushroom & Hearty Greens* | 12

Tomato, mushroom, greens, Gouda mornay, breakfast potatoes, buttered toast

Steak & Cheddar* | 14

 breakfast potatoes, buttered toast


Country Ham Benedict | 13

House made biscuits, grilled ham, poached eggs, roasted tomato and bacon hollandaise, scallion

Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit | 13

Fried Chicken, house made biscuit, drizzled with hot honey, served with breakfast potatoes

Steak House Biscuit | 16

Chef’s cut grilled to order, caramelized onion, smoked gouda mornay, fried egg, breakfast potatoes


Steak and Eggs**| 21

5 oz chef’s cut, twice baked jimmy red corn cheese grits, grilled asparagus, two eggs, roasted tomato and bacon hollandaise

Brunch Burger **| 18

 House ground beef, hash brown cake, fried egg, roasted tomato and bacon hollandaise, bacon jam, breakfast potato

Shrimp & Grits* | 23

 Jimmy Red Corn grits, country ham braised peppers and onions, smoked tomato brodo, crispy ham


1 for $6 / 2 for $10 / 3 for $14

Apple & Brandy 

Brown sugar baked apple, spiced brandy syrup, brown sugar caramel whipped cream 

Blueberry & Bacon 

Blueberries, candied bacon, whipped cream,  blueberry maple syrup

*Items indicated are either gluten free or easily altered to be gluten free. 

**Consuming raw or undercooked beef could result in foodborne illness.

(20% gratuity added for parties of 10+)