Literary Fig-ure | 10

Lunazul Blanco Tequila, agave, lime juice, orange bitters, topped with Jarritos grapefruit soda. Served over ice. Garnished with a fresh, green fig.


Please, Sir. I Want S’more | 18

Elijah Craig Toasted Bourbon, marshmallow syrup, angostura and almond bitters. Served over a rocks cube. Topped with 2 toasted marshmallows. Our fall twist on an Old Fashioned.


The Secret Garden | 14

Wheatley Vodka, lemon juice, rosemary-basil syrup, fresh basil leaves and rosemary sprig. Topped with Jarritos guava juice. Garnished with fresh Basil, Rosemary, and a lemon wheel.

Make it a mocktail with Seedlip | 11


The Noblest of Fruits | 15

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select, Laird’s applejack, lemon, apple and mint syrup, fresh rosemary. Served over ice. Garnished with fresh rosemary sprig.


Thomas O’Malley | 14


Tomcat Gin, lemon juice, rosemary-basil syrup. Topped with soda and sprite. Served over ice. Garnished with basil leaves.


Dinner Menu


The Southern Wedge* | 10

Iceberg, cherry tomato, country ham, scallion, blue cheese dressing, country caviar

Bourbon Glazed Brussel Sprouts* | 13

Fried Brussels, finished with crispy country ham, smoked Gouda

Small  Plates

Crispy Pork Belly* | 14

Jimmy red grits, bacon vinaigrette, bourbon glaze

Summer Sausage Gnocchi* | 12

House-made chicken sausage, Darkspore Company mushroom, asparagus, mushroom and smoked gouda mornay

Seared Scallops* | 21

Asparagus and bacon hash, red pepper and citrus broth, chili crisp, herb oil


Shrimp & Grits* | 27

Country ham braised peppers & onions, scallion, crispy ham, jimmy red grits, smoked tomato brodo 

Pan Roasted Halibut* | 30

Asparagus and potato risotto, red pepper and citrus broth, chili crisp, herb oil

Meatloaf Wellington | 24

Puff pastry, duxelle, charred peppers and onions, mashed potato, local vegetables, pepper relish, peppercorn cream

Beer Braised Chicken* | 26

House made summer sausage, pomme puree, Darkspore company mushrooms, lardon, braising jus


All steaks served with shallot and black pepper demi-glace, choice of side and our house-made “Old Fashioned” butter (bourbon, citrus zest, oak char).

7oz. Brasstown Flat Iron | 27

Filet Mignon | 6oz.  35 /  8oz. 43 / 10oz. 51

Ribeye | 10oz. 32 / 12oz. 38 / 14oz. 42 / 16oz. 48

**Consuming raw or undercooked beef could result in foodborne illness.


Mashed Potatoes* | 5

Rosemary, garlic, butter

Loaded Baked Potato* | 7

Butter, gouda, lardons, scallions

Jimmy Red Corn Grits* | 7

Smoked tomato brodo, herbs

Potato Risotto & Seared Darkspore Mushroom* | 7

Parmesan, fines herbs

Grilled Asparagus* | 7

Bacon vinaigrette

Side Salad* | 7

Mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, gouda, lardons. Choice of blue cheese, ranch, or vinaigrette of the day

Beverages | 2.59

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Lemonade, Sweet & Unsweet Tea

*Items indicated are either gluten free or easily altered to be gluten free.

(automated 20% gratuity for parties of 10+)


Brunch Menu


Seafood Omelette* | 15

Bay scallops, shrimp, peppers, onions, cajun spices, smoked gouda, toast, breakfast potatoes


Steak Omelette* | 12

Shaved Beef, Caramelized onion, cheddar, toast breakfast potatoes


Veggie Omelette* | 12

Tomato, mushroom, spinach, smoked gouda, toast, breakfast potatoes



Country Ham Benedict | 13

House made biscuits, grilled ham, poached eggs, hollandaise, scallion


Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit | 13

Fried Chicken, house made biscuit, drizzled with hot honey, served with breakfast potatoes


Prime Rib Biscuit | 15

Shaved prime rib, caramelized onion, smoked Gouda, fried egg, hollandaise, breakfast potatoes



Steak and Eggs**| 18

Grilled flank steak, breakfast potatoes, two eggs, toast, steak sauce

4 ounce filet mignon – 27


Brunch Burger **| 18

 House ground beef, hash brown cake, fried egg, hollandaise, bacon jam, brioche bun, breakfast potato


Shrimp & Grits* | 23

 Jimmy Red Corn grits, country ham braised peppers and onions, smoked tomato brodo, crispy ham


Peaches & Cream | 10

House made peach Jam, roasted peach, vanilla cream, and mint on buttermilk pancakes


Blueberry & Bacon | 12

Blueberry maple syrup, candied bacon, fresh blueberry, sweet chantilly


*Items indicated are either gluten free or easily altered to be gluten free.

**Consuming raw or undercooked beef could result in foodborne illness.