About Us

At Rootimentary, we’re more than just a restaurant. We exist to serve others. Every person, every dish. It all matters.

Caleb & Jessica


Are reservations required? No, but they are encouraged! Walk-ins are not guaranteed seating on weekends or special event dates. Parties of 6+ will need to call or email to make a reservation.

Is there a private room available? Our dining room is an open-floor layout. We do not have a private dining option at this time.

How do I book a reservation for 25+ people?  For large parties, we offer private event packages, tailored to multiple budgets. Room rental cost will vary, depending on date and time. Email hello@rootimentary.co with your event information and we’ll reach out as soon as possible.

Do you have a dress code? Not at all! We’re a nice restaurant, but not stuffy. Please, come as you are!

Where are you from? Caleb is from Laurens. Jess is from a teeny tiny town in East Tennessee.

Why open a restaurant in Laurens? To add value to the town I grew up in and to bring an experience that Laurens hasn’t had. We want to provide jobs and training – to give people a tangible skill that they can take with them wherever they go or to simply provide a positive outlet for work for those looking to provide for their families or themselves. 

Why open a restaurant? I have worked in the culinary industry for roughly 15 years. I have seen massive opportunities for the industry to simply do better with their work environment. Jess spent years in retail cultivating work environments built on transparency, resources and training, and business acumen. Between my experience in culinary and Jess’ experience in retail leadership, the logical conclusion was to open a restaurant and try to make a difference in the industry.

Where do you love to eat? We don’t get date nights often, but we do love Jianna in downtown Greenville! We’re often in a hurry, so we consume alot of Chickfila, TexMex, and pizza.

What do you wish everyone knew about what you do daily? We are human. We have our limitations. Try as we might, we cannot be all things to all people. Kind and gracious words, hugs, and support go a really long way. Feedback for the sake of being negative or degrading isn’t helpful or welcome. Rootimentary is a pretty massive undertaking for two people (even with our staff). We just desperately want to make good food, work up a sweat, and have a ton of fun with our employees and guests. Being your own boss isn’t necessarily fun and it requires sacrifice daily. Be so very kind to small business owners! Oh, and tip your servers!